An animation showing the Tog-L-Loc process

BTM UniCroc Hand Held Clinching Unit

Pneumatically operated hand held clinching unit designed to join standing flanges.

UniClinch with Crocodile Action

The UniCroc uses a lever action mechanism to provide access to standing flanges by offsetting the clinch tooling away from the integrated air-hydraulic cylinder. This also provides a more ergonomically correct manual positioning of the tool to the joint location especially when suspended vertically above the part. This unit facilitates faster production through ease of positioning and better vision of the joint location.

Example of a UniCroc Clinch Unit

Example of a UniCroc Clinch Unit

Basic Product Specifications

  • Power Source: Self-Contained Air/Oil Booster
  • Max. Combined Material Thickness: 2mm [.08in] (Mild Steel)
  • Clinch Tooling Compatibility: Round or Lance-N-Loc® Joints
  • Tooling Sizes:
    Round: 3.8, 4.6 (Some Limitations Apply).
    Lance-N-Loc®: 3.0

A short video demonstrating a BTM UniCroc Hand Held Clinching Unit.

General Product Information

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Product Description
UniCroc Unit

Standard UniCroc

A pincher type action permits better access to certain part cross sections with better ergonomics.

The upper jaw is easily opened for quick and easy access to the part.

Product Application Information

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Shown here are some typical applications that a UniCroc unit may be compatible with.
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  • Angle and Sheet2.) Angle and Sheet
  • Standing Flange5.) Standing Flange
  • Outside Edge Flange6.) Outside Edge Flange
  • Brim to Brim7.) Brim to Brim
  • Hat on Sheet8.) Hat on Sheet
  • "U" and Sheet9.) "U" and Sheet
  • Side To Side "U's"10.) Side To Side "U's"
  • Two Piece Full Corner Overlap17.) Two Piece Full Corner Overlap
  • Full Corner Joggle Overlap18.) Full Corner Joggle Overlap
  • 45° Corner Overlap19.) 45° Corner Overlap
  • Hat Inside "U"21.) Hat Inside "U"

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UniCroc Hand Held Unit Contact Form
i The Punch Side has the "cavity" side of the joint. Punch Side and Button Side Example Note: Thicker material usually goes on the punch side.
i The Die Side has the "button" side of the joint. Punch Side and Button Side Example Note: Thicker material usually goes on the punch side.

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