BTM TPC-32 Sealed Power Clamp

A compact, light weight, sealed power clamp which features a TriLok three point locking mechanism.

Save Money - Buy less clamps!

Why buy multiple clamps for different arm locations/types? Buy one clamp and swap the arm out in the field. Left or right arm positions, dual arms, or even a yoke arm are possible in a single clamp.

The 4 sided symmetrical mounting pattern makes it quick and easy to accurately reposition the clamp when accommodating multiple part fixturing situations.

An example of a BTM TPC-32 clamp.

Example of a BTM TPC-32 Clamp.

Basic Product Specifications

  • Power Source: Pneumatic
  • Bore Ø: 31.8mm [1.25in.]

BTM makes larger Bore Ø, weld-sealed clamps:

BTM's TPCA Series Power Clamps

Product Features & Benefits

  • Patented TriLok Mechanism - designed to stay locked even if air pressure is lost.
  • Sealed Mechanism ~ Lubricated For Life Of Clamp.
  • Integral Cylinder With Heavy Wall.
  • Body is constructed of Aircraft Aluminum, hard-coated to a Rockwell C-70 for excellent wear characteristics.
  • One clamp model for single and dual arm clamps.
  • Access to manually unlock clamp linkage.
  • Integrated proximity switches do not need to be readjusted when arm opening changes.

General Information

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Simply put, the TPC-32 is a rugged, reliable, light-weight, & compact precision power clamp designed to perform in welding environments. This clamp features a version of BTM's patented TriLok technology- A three-point locking mechanism is designed to remain locked, even if air pressure is lost. The clamp design also allows for left, right, or dual arm positioning, and arms can be swapped in the field- why buy more clamps for different arm locations, when you can just change the arms on the one you have now?

If you need a compact yet rugged precision power clamp, try BTM's TPC-32 TriLok clamp.

BTM's TPC-32 offers the following notable advantages over some other clamping products:

Swap Clamp Arms in the Field

A BTM TPC-32 clamp can be configured for left, right, or dual arms. Need to change the arm location? No need to buy another clamp, just change the arm.

TPC-32 Clamp Arm Configurations TPC-32 Clamp Arms can be mounted left, right, or dual.

TriLok Equipped

This clamp uses patented TriLok technology- a three point mechanism designed to stay locked even if air pressure is lost.

TPC-32 TriLok Mechanism An illustration of the TPC-32 TriLok Mechanism.

When in the full closed position, the clamp mechanism is engaged and locks at three points. It will not unlock if air pressure is lost. Surface 'A' repeats with a high degree of accuracy (±0°4') throughout the life of the clamp.

Application Information

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