BTM Rotary-Linear Clamps

90° rotation with linear travel at both ends of the stroke. May be used in a push or pull direction.

Low-Cost Rotary-Linear Clamping!

These clamps mount to the same pattern as other clamps in their series (100, 1500, & 2500), which can help in reducing your detailing time and machine costs.

The 4 sided symmetrical mounting pattern makes it quick and easy to accurately reposition the clamp when accommodating multiple part fixturing situations.

An example demonstrating a BTM Rotary-Linear Clamp.

Example of a BTM Rotary-Linear Clamp.

Basic Product Specifications

  • Power Source: Pneumatic
  • 100 Series Bore Ø: 25.4mm [1.00in.]
  • 1500 Series Bore Ø: 38.1mm [1.50in.]
  • 2500 Series Bore Ø: 63.5mm [2.50in.]

Standard BTM Rotary-Linear Clamp Models

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BTM's Rotary-Linear Clamps feature a harmonic motion which greatly reduces impact loading with a smooth transition from rotary to linear motion at both ends of the stroke! The double sided cam is hardened and chromed. Both the cam and the twin roller bearings are completely enclosed for protection of dirt, chips and weld flash, as well as greater safety. Position sensing is also internal, eliminating bulky and potentially dangerous mechanisms. All surfaces are hardened for external wear. These clamps mount to the same pattern as other clamps in their series (100, 1500, & 2500), which can help in reducing your detailing time and machine costs.

90° Rotation with linear travel at both ends of stroke. May be used in push or pull direction.

  • 90° Clockwise or Counter Clockwise Rotation.
  • Linear Travel at Both Ends of Stroke.
  • Harmonic Motion
  • Lightweight
  • Hardcoated Aircraft Aluminum Body.
  • Optional Prefitted Proximity Switches
  • Fingers Can Be Supplied to Suit

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