BTM Post-Piercing Solutions

BTM offers a wide range of standard and special piercing solutions which will accomodate your specific needs.

Specialists in Automated Post Pierce Equipment.

A close-up view of an automotive part in a special machine

A close-up view of an automotive cradle in a special machine that combines Spac®-Nut insertion with piercing.

Since 1969 BTM has taken an innovative approach to providing standard and special hole piercing units, fixtures and automated machines to satisfy a broad range of customer requirements.

Whether it’s our innovative, thin, air powered toggle press or a complex array of special hydraulic pierce units for use on multiple planes BTM has the expertise to deliver a productive solution for your precision piercing requirements.

If you are producing stampings or welded assemblies that require post pierced holes, on one or more planes and precisely located to GD&T tolerances, just give us a call.

We have extensive experience piercing critical holes in truck frames, engine and suspension cradles, shock towers and underbody suspension points.

We will also combine processes such as form and pierce, dimpling, clinching, riveting, fastener insertion and welding along with hole piercing to achieve a higher degree of quality and productivity.

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Contact our Application Engineering department from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Eastern time (New York) M-F at 810-364-4567 to discuss how BTM can assist you.

Our experienced design staff will give careful consideration to:

  • Hole quality.
  • Slug shedding.
  • Hole confirmation.
  • Load and unload of parts.
  • Hole location trend setting.
  • Ease of maintenance and adjustment.
  • Control of GD&T datum centerlines and critical surfaces.

Piercing Solutions Brochure

Download the Piercing Solutions Brochure to view more examples of BTM's piercing solutions.

Piercing Equipment

BTM can, depending on your preference, supply pneumatic, hydraulic or air-over-oil powered units or systems for best performance and economy.

BTM’s piercing units are designed for use in special machinery and automation, and are built for high volume production applications in harsh environments. BTM has a wide variety of designs available, as well as complete in-house capabilities to design and build special units to suit your needs. BTM can provide your units fully tooled, tested, and ready to mount in your equipment. Using state-of-the-art computer aided design and manufacturing equipment, and working from your drawings and/or parts, we will design a specific solution to suit your requirements.

Click on a unit type to visit a product page with more information:

Air Toggle Press Piercing Unit

Air Toggle Press Units

Air-Over-Oil Piercing Unit

Air-Over-Oil Cylinder Units

Hydraulic Piercing Unit

Hydraulic Units

Unit Features

  • Fixed Mount, Tool Positioning, Reverse Tool Positioning, Spring Equalizing, or Floating Action available.
  • Hydraulic, Air-Over-Oil, and Pneumatic units available.
  • Non-Rotating Rams
  • Single or Multiple Tooling in one unit
  • Bank Units for close center distance and selectable operation.
  • Offset tooling for close part conditions
  • Reversible Tooling
  • Quick Change Tooling
  • Tooling for multiple simultaneous operations
  • Robotic Mounting
  • Load Cell and LVDT equipped for on-line process control
  • Proximity Sensor equipped
  • Part Present Sensing
  • Metric, SAE, and BSP porting
  • Metric or Inch versions

Contact BTM about a Piercing Unit

If you would like to contact BTM about a custom piercing unit for your project, please click on the link below.

BTM’s piercing fixtures can be built for robotic loading/unloading or as workstations for manual loading/unloading.

Custom Piercing Fixture

Custom Piercing Fixture

Custom Shearing Fixture

Custom Shearing Fixture

Contact BTM about a Piercing Fixture

If you would like to contact BTM about a custom piercing fixture for your project, please click on the link below.

BTM’s piercing systems can be designed and built to be automated, manually operated, or a combination of automated and manually operated.

Piercing can be combined with other processes.

Special Machine that combines Piercing and Tog-L-Loc® Sheet Metal Clinching to assemble an automotive brake pedal bracket

A custom system which combines Piercing and Tog-L-Loc® sheet metal clinching to assemble an automotive brake pedal bracket.

A video of the custom system.

Contact BTM about a Custom System

If you would like to contact BTM about a custom system for your project, please click on the link below.