BTM PC Series Power Clamps

Designed to provide high clamping forces and long work life within a compact, lightweight unit.

BTM’s general use pneumatic power clamp.

Reliability saves you money – The unique one piece, precision machined clamp body maintains exceptional alignment of the cylinder to the toggle mechanism for superior reliability.

The 4 sided symmetrical mounting pattern makes it quick and easy to accurately reposition the clamp when accommodating multiple part fixturing situations.

An example of BTM PC 2500 and 1500 V130 clamps.

Example of 2500 & 1500 Series PC V130 Clamps.

Basic Product Specifications

  • Power Source: Pneumatic
  • 1500 Series Bore Ø: 38.1mm [1.5in.]
  • 2500 Series Bore Ø: 63.5mm [2.5in.]

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General Information

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If you need to simply clamp a part in a non-weld environment, the PC line of power clamps are a simple solution.

BTM's PC Series of power clamps are designed to provide high clamping forces and long work life within a compact, lightweight unit.

There are no interchangeable arms, and the clamp mechanism is not sealed against weld-contamination. There are four mounting locations on each side of the clamp body for your convenience, and the one piece body eliminates premature wear due to misalignment.

If you need a simple clamp - to simply clamp - consider our PC Series.

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