Oval-Loc Service & Maintenance

Service and Maintenance information for BTM Company, LLC.'s Oval-Loc™ Sheet Metal Clinching Solution.

How to Contact BTM for Service

We want to make sure you receive prompt support for your BTM product. Please have your BTM Number information available to speed our response.

We can be reached by telephone at 810-364-4567 or we can be reached via e-mail at sales@btmcorp.com.

Our business hours are 8:00am to 4:30pm (16:30) EST (same as New York).

For After-Hours Service:

Call 810-364-4567 and wait for complete instructions before leaving a message. Be sure to leave a telephone number where you can be reached. Providing product ID information will speed our response.

Our Mail and Shipping Address is:

300 Davis Road

Marysville, MI 48040 USA

Customer Satisfaction

Your Satisfaction is important to us.

If you have comments regarding BTM's service or quality of products we would like to invite you to complete our customer survey by clicking the link below.

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Oval-Loc BTM Numbers

If possible, please have this information available when calling BTM for service, and/or filling out our Customer Survey. BTM Numbers are etched/engraved on tooling, and printed on product labels.

BTM Number location on an Oval-Loc™ Punch.

Example of a BTM Number located on an Oval-Loc Punch

Ball Lock Release Tool & Spanner Wrench Demonstration

This video demonstrates how to use the Ball Lock Release Tool, as well as the Stripper Can & Stripper Tip Spanner Wrenches.

A demonstration video showing how to install/uninstall an Oval-Loc™ ball lock punch holder, as well as the ball lock punch using the "Ball Lock Release Tool" [BTM Number 044514]. This video also dem...