BTM 100 Series OMNI Clamps

Light Duty clamps which feature an OMNI-Directional; manually positioned head.

Save Money - Why use expensive angled mounts when you can simply rotate the clamp head to the desired position?

The adjustable 360° rotating head of the clamp eliminates the need for costly angled mounting surfaces saving you both design and manufacturing cost!

Illustration showing an OMNI Head rotated to accomodate a part.

Just loosen the two end mounting screws, position the arm and retighten. The adjustable omni-head makes it easy to clamp parts with complex surfaces or changeover multiple part fixturing. Available extend and retract position sensors mount conveniently on the side of the clamp. Access our catalog and CAD files below.

Basic Product Specifications

  • Power Source: Pneumatic
  • Bore Ø: 25.4mm [1.00in.]

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BTM's 100 Series OMNI Grippers

General Information

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If you need a compact, light-weight, & light-duty clamp, BTM's OMNI line may be the simple solution you are looking for.

The manually rotated OMNI-Directional clamp head can be rotated 360° and locks into place when mounting screws are tightened. This feature reduces or eliminates the need for angled mounting risers, reducing your set-up costs.

There are four mounting locations on each side of the clamp body for your convenience, and the one piece body eliminates premature wear due to misalignment.

  • Compact, light weight, light-duty clamps
  • Designed for high-production
  • 25mm bore pneumatic cylinder
  • Common mounting pattern for all models
  • Position-sensing switch option available

Most 100 Series OMNI products feature a manually positionable 360° rotating head. Simplify off-center mounting by rotating the head to the desired position and mounting the body squarely. The head is locked into place when the mounting screws are tightened.

OMNI-Directional Head can be manually rotated.

OMNI-Directional heads can be rotated manually 360°

Illustration showing an OMNI Head rotated to accomodate a part.

Reduce Costs. Manually rotate the clamp head to the desired position for your application. Angled mounting surfaces can be eliminated.

Product Application Information

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