BTM Gripper Solutions

BTM's gripper line ranges from light duty models to locking models.

Choosing a Gripper

Is your gripper going to be used in a weld environment? Does it need to lock? Is it for a light duty, or a heavy duty application?

BTM Manufactures a variety of grippers to satisfy a variety of conditions. Use the table below for a brief comparison, and click on a clamp for more detailed information.

If you are not sure, you can also contact us by Phone at +1-810-364-4567 or by email at Business hours are 8am-4:30pm ET Mon-Fri.

A quick comparison between grippers:

Product Power Source Models Available Weld-Contamination Sealed? Locking Mechanism?
Light Duty "OMNI" Grippers

OMNI Grippers

Pneumatic 4 No No
1500 & 2500 Series Heavy Duty Toggle Grippers

PG Toggle Grippers

Pneumatic 7 No No
PG 38 & 45 Locking Grippers

PG 38 & 45 Locking Grippers

Pneumatic 10 No Yes
Mini Locking Grippers

Mini Locking Grippers

Pneumatic 8 No Yes