An animation showing the Tog-L-Loc clinching process.

BTM Clinching Solutions

High value clinch joining technology for sheet metal assembly.

Are you still Welding or Riveting? SAVE MONEY - Join your parts with a Punch and Die!

BTM Tog-L-Loc® and related clinching tools join sheet metal without the expense of welding or purchased fasteners by simply joining the part’s own material! Assembly cost is significantly reduced by drawing and forming the part material into an interlock. Join galvanized, pre-painted, or even dissimilar metal combinations using an environmentally friendly process that does not produce sparks, harmful fumes or damaging heat!

BTM's Standard Clinching Solutions

A short video demonstrating BTM's Tog-L-Loc® Clinching Technique.

Some Benefits of BTM's Clinching Solutions:

  • BTM Clinch Joints are consistently strong.
  • BTM Clinch Joints are Non-destructively checked.
  • BTM Clinching is fast (a joint can typically be created in under one second).
  • BTM currently offers four standard Clinching Solutions.
  • A range of Production Equipment is available.

Industries using BTM Clinching Technology

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Production Equipment for Clinching

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Types of Standard Equipment:

Types of Special Equipment: