BTM Clinching Solutions: Part & Assembly Examples

Examples of parts & assemblies which were clinched using BTM's clinching technology.

Where are BTM Clinching Methods Used?

BTM's clinching solutions are used in a variety of industries.

Scroll down to see some examples of the types of parts joined by a BTM clinching method.

BTM Clinching Technology has been used to join a number of automotive components over the years. Shown here are a few examples.

Is your part pre-painted? BTM's Tog-L-Loc® has been used to clinch a number of pre-painted and coated sheet metals. An added benefit to the process is that no additional weight is added to the assembly.

Working with galvanized parts? Tog-L-Loc® is an effective solution when joining galvanized parts because it produces no fumes or gases, nor does it burn the coating off of the material.

Do you assemble sheet metal furniture such as filing cabinets, or office partitions? You may benefit from one of BTM's clinching solutions.

For consistent, leak-proof joints which are also strong and vibration resistant, try Tog-L-Loc®.

Tog-L-Loc® has been used to join parts that are designed to carry an electrical current.

BTM's clinching solutions have been applied in other industries, including solar panels. Contact BTM to find out if one of our clinching solutions can join your part.