Self-Contained Air/Oil Cylinders

Use common shop air to make hydraulic cylinder force! Available in sizes ranging from 1-100 Tons.

Air Powered Hydraulic Cylinders

BTM Air over Oil Cylinders generate a pneumatic-hydraulic power stroke using only compressed air. The power stroke can be initiated by distance, time delay, or part contact (opposing force), based on the preference of the user.

Each cylinder is self-contained and constructed using a "modular sandwich design" joined together with either four or eight tie-rods, the number of which depends on the model.

An example of an In-Line Series Air-Over-Oil Cylinder

Example of an In-line Series Air/Oil Cylinder

Basic Product Specifications

  • Input Type: Pneumatic
  • Output Type: Linear
  • Standard Sizes: 1, 2, 4, 8, 10, 15, 20, 30, 50, 75, 100 Tons

Typical Applications

General Information

The following sections contain general information about the product.

The in-line and satellite cylinders require two (2) pneumatic 4-way directional control valves and a plant air supply for proper operation.

  1. How an Air/Oil Cylinder Works- Step 1Cylinder Retracted - Air is directed to ports B1 and B2, fully retracting the reservoir, working, and high pressure pistons.
  2. How an Air/Oil Cylinder Works- Step 2Approach Stroke - Regulated air is directed to port A1. The reservoir piston advances, displacing the reservoir oil through the valve block (yellow area) to the back of the working piston, advancing the cylinder rod (at low force) until meeting resistance (work surface).
  3. How aan Air/Oil Cylinder Works- Step 3Power Stroke - Regulated air pressure is applied to port A2. High pressure piston and rod advance until contacting the valve block seal, isolating the reservoir oil from the oil contained in the working section. Continued movement intensifies and displaces the trapped oil, developing power stroke. Step 1 returns all three pistons and oil to the retracted position.
  • Eliminates the need for hydraulic power units.
  • Clean, quiet, reliable operation.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Operation in any position or attitude.
  • Total air/oil separation in reservoir and working sections.
  • Heavy duty, all CNC machined construction.
  • Totally self-contained unit – no external reservoir required.
  • 3 Year warranty.
  • The enclosed internal parts are protected from external contamination.
  • Standard ram styles for easy mounting of tooling are available including the modifiable “S” model ram.
  • Optional proximity switches to signal ram extended and retracted are available.
  • Presses are equipped with lubrication fittings for greasing internal bearings.
  • In line air lubrication is not required.
  • Internal cushions are standard.

Whether you require simple alterations to standard products, or a customized solution, BTM's experienced application engineers are ready to assist you. Shown below are some examples of customized solutions.

A Custom Unit built with an Air/Oil Cylinder

Custom Unit

A Special Machine built with an Air/Oil Cylinder

Special Machine

Application Information

The following sections are provided to help match an Air/Oil Cylinder to your part. More detailed information is typically available in our Product Literature section.
If you are considering this product for your project, please view the contact information below.

Determine the proper size Air/Oil cylinder by finding the maximum force required to complete your assembly or fabricating process (piercing, clinching, riveting, coining, swedging, pressing, bending, shearing, or anything else). Then add a safety factor to achieve expected duty cycle even when conditions are not optimal - e.g. tooling gets dull, air pressure drops, work-piece characteristics change, etc.

Let BTM recommend the proper size air/oil cylinder for your process using our library of force requirements or we can measure the force requirement for your specific process.

Contact our Application Department and let us size a press for you.

See our catalog for dimensioned drawings and other application information.

Download the Product Catalog to find technical information about the product.

BTM offers free 3D CAD Files. You will need to request a model to obtain one.

If you have a question, need application assistance or want a quote please fill out the Contact Form to let us know about your requirements. You can also call and talk to one of our Application Engineers at +1-810-364-4567. Business hours are 8am-4:30pm ET (New York) Mon-Fri. You can also use to send us any part drawings or CAD models and let us know of any other conditions or requirements. The Application Engineer can then size the press and submit a quote to you.

Air/Oil Cylinder Contact Form
i The Punch Side has the "cavity" side of the joint. Punch Side and Button Side Example Note: Thicker material usually goes on the punch side.
i The Die Side has the "button" side of the joint. Punch Side and Button Side Example Note: Thicker material usually goes on the punch side.

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