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We manufacture high value solutions for the fabrication and assembly of sheet metal products.

About BTM Corporation

BTM's 144,000 Square foot facility is located on the beautiful St. Clair River in Marysville, Michigan. BTM has over forty years of experience in manufacturing technology. In that time, we have grown to be the leading global supplier in clinch joining technology and other unique automation and manufacturing devices including clamps, grippers, locators, end arm effectors, stand-alone machines and fully automated assembly systems.

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BTM Corporation of Marysville, Michigan was founded in 1966 by Mr. Ed Sawdon & Mr. Milus Allison as a manufacturer of bending machines for the automotive and appliance industries. The initials BTM were coined as an abbreviation for "Bending Tools & Manufacturing".

An example of a BTM thin profile Air Powered Toggle Press Unit
A BTM Thin Profile Air Powered Toggle Press

BTM gained a reputation for high quality workmanship and problem solving ability in the bending industry, and out of that problem solving ability came the next important development for BTM Corporation. One problem which manufacturers of automotive trim and similar items encountered often was parts requiring holes pierced on close centers. In the drive to reduce production costs, these manufacturers were searching for ways to eliminate multiple operations which were necessary to pierce on close centers. Mr. Sawdon, in examining this problem, conceived of a press which would be thin enough in design to pierce on close centers within a single work station. Years later, after a time of development, the first BTM air powered toggle press was put on test and performed beyond all expectations.

The next important development for BTM was the patented TOG-L-LOC® sheet metal joining system.

A Tog-L-Loc® joint cross section
Tog-L-Loc® Joint Cross Section

Later, after the introduction of the toggle press Mr. Sawdon developed TOG-L-LOC® as an alternative to spot welding, riveting and other conventional methods of joining.

TOG-L-LOC® offers numerous advantages; No rivets or fasteners, no secondary operations, reduced and simplified maintenance, no transformers or cooling lines, no heat buildup, joining of dissimilar metals and coated metals, leakproof joints, high repeatability, non-destructive checking, long tool life and more. Numerous private concerns have subjected TOG-L-LOC® to some rigorous testing programs with some impressive results, particularly in the areas of vibration resistance and consistency. The joint is produced in a single stroke, by simple punch and die tooling fitted to BTM presses or most other conventional presses.

Today, BTM Corporation has expanded into a full service industrial product and tooling organization, with modern manufacturing facilities at several locations in the U.S. (arrangements for overseas production are in progress as well). A number of new innovations are under development at BTM headquarters, and the tradition of creative problem solving and quality workmanship is held to as the product line increases in scope.

BTM Corporation of Marysville, Michigan is a rapidly growing force in the drive for world class product quality and reduced production costs in manufacturing today.

AS9100 Quality Certificate AS 9100:2009
ISO Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2008

In 2008, BTM Corporation updated its quality policy to the ISO 9001:2008 certification. BTM has held an ISO certification since January 2004. Previous to that, BTM held a QS9000-TE certification, which it originally received in 2001.

BTM's Building 1 also holds an AS9100:2009 quality certification.

Our Quality Policy

To provide the highest quality product obtainable to our customers on time, every time, to continuously improve our products and processes to reduce our product and operational costs, and to continually exceed our customers expectations.

Our Quality Objectives

  • Best clinching products, delivered on time, every time.
  • Technically superior, defect free machinery and automation components
  • Manufacturing of customer and BTM products complete to all specifications

We are proud that we can provide our employees and their dependents with a top notch, comprehensive health insurance program as well as a fine quality dental insurance plan. Other benefits include competetive wages, paid holidays & vacations, 401K, and a clean, safe working environment.

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